Turning dream into reality


The base of our business is the tradition. Love for tradition and traditional beverages and food made us what we are. Our chief Tim established McDonough’s on the appreciation for the history and the certain things that made the past lifestyle special.  His Irish roots and stories from his grandparents made him want to open a pub in which you can feel the history but also have the best of what the modern world offers you. McDonough’s offers you exactly that;  a piece of traditional lifestyle blended with modern ambient and service.  Tim always had a passion for people and spending time with loved ones, so he successfully put that passion into something we now call McDonough’s. Even though we are not in Savannah for a very long time, Tim is in this business for longer that most of us can remember.  After working in several restaurants and pubs all over New York, he finally decided to spread his own original Irish pub in which everyone could feel welcome and cozy.

Today, your favorite Irish pub in Savannah offers you more than hundred types of beers, traditional Irish foods like Lamb Shepard’s Pie or Guinness Beef Stew and famous pie made by the best cook Mary.  We are proud of what McDonough’s represents; an Irish tradition in which everyone is welcome. The ambient of the pub talks for itself. Tim made sure that you can feel the Irish vibe as soon as you enter the doors.  Big wooden furniture and a huge bar with beers, separate rooms, and Irish decoration make this pub cozy and warm. If you type our name in Google, you will find many photos of our pub because it is truly memorable and recognizable. Of course, while having the most amazing beer, you will also enjoy some Irish music as well as some high-quality rock.  Mcdonough’s is a perfect place for a group of friends who want to enjoy their time together and talk to each other while having the best burger and beer in town. Tim made sure to give an amazing experience to each visitor. However, as we talk about the present, we have to remind ourselves of the beginnings.

So, when Tim came to Savannah, he only had one idea; to start an original Irish pub- a place for everyone to enjoy the evening.  But how to achieve that? Thanks to his experience, Tim had many relationships that could help him get everything a real Irish Pub needs.  Thanks to his previous cooking jobs, he knew exactly where to get quality meat for the burgers and stews. He started working on the menu right away and had everything he needed for one month only. It was a little harder to get authentic Irish beers, but his family located in Ireland did a great job helping. So, the biggest problem turned out to be setting up the pub- the bars, furniture, decoration, big fridges, cooking furniture, etc.

That’s when Tim ran into his old friend from Savannah, and he told him about a Savannah movers named Liberty Moves.  Even though Tim is a very spontaneous and relaxed guy, he wanted his pub to be perfect, so he was cautious. After thinking, he gave a call to Liberty Moves. The company was at his place the very next day and he spent the next two weeks constantly in the van of Liberty Moves. The things were moved fast, and nothing was damaged.  Even the fragile beer boxes came completely undamaged, and the furniture was not just moved correctly but also placed correctly.Tim being Tim made awesome friendships with workers from Liberty Moves, so some of them even helped him install the decoration and do some small things in the pub. They ended each day with the original Irish beer. Staff from Liberty Moves taught Tim how to box fragile things properly, so he was able to do some of the moving himself in the future.  They also taught him about labeling so his staff would work more efficiently and quicker.

Even today, we often hear Tim speak of Liberty Moves and the great job they’ve done. We constantly need to listen about labeling and moving things from place A to place B safely.  And in according with the policy of our pub; tradition- Tim continues to keep in touch with Liberty Moves for any additional moving job.