Fun Facts about Savannah

Here is a short history about Savannah Georgia. The city has so much history, that sometimes it is hard to choose only ten facts about, but here they are. Then at the end try seeing how many you knew before reading this post. Good luck


    1. It was founded by General James Edward Oglethorpe in 1733, who arrived here from England.
    2. Some parts of Forest Gump were filmed here in Savannah. You all probably remember that scene with the bench and famous “Life is like a box of chocolates” quote, which was located on the north side of Chippewa Square. Today the bench is located in the Savannah History Museum.
    3. Oglethorpe organized and designed Savannah into grids, and today city is dubbed as the America’s first Planned city. It has wide streets and 24 public squares, it is worth mentioning that 21 original squares were carefully preserved throughout the years and still exist today.
    4. Juliette Gordon Low was born in Savannah, the Girl Scout founder. It is worth mentioning that the very first meeting was also held in Savannah.
    5. Only thank to General Sherman, was Savannah preserved during the Civil War, since he was so impressed by Savannah’s beauty he sent a telegraph to President Lincoln, offering it as a Christmas present.
    6. Events of the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil happened in Savannah in the 1980s, particularly the murder trial of John Williams.
    7. Famous Pirate’s House was an inn that is mentioned in the Robert Louis Stevenson’s book Treasure Island. Today it is a restaurant.
    8. Savannah’s Historic District is one of the biggest in the US, 40 years ago it was designated as National Historic Landmark.
    9. By the New York Times, Savannah was voted one of the “World’s Top Ten Trendy Travel Hot Spots”.
    10. It was the first capital of the 13th colony and later of Georgia.


So to conclude, how many did you know about? Do you have any favorite or one that isn’t on this list? Send us a message and will add it on