Visit #1 Irish Pub in Savannah!

Tim welcomes you to Mc Donough’s established only recently but with tradition in mind. It is a complete Irish Pub in Savannah, complete with the wooden flooring and burning fireplace. Our cook Mary is famous for her’s Shepherd’s Pie and other authentic Irish meals but we also serve hamburgers and steaks for affordable and reasonable prices. We hope to become a long time favorite among the locals and a destination for newcomers.

Where are we?

Mc Donough’s stands at 220 W Broughton Street just south of Savannah River. The building itself dates from 1890, and over the years it has operated as a grocery store and restaurant but today it is an Irish Pub.


What do we offer?

You can find many local Irish delicatessens, meals, and drinks. We have locally brewed mead and Irish craft beer on our menu, so don’t miss out on those.

Three reasons why you should visit Mc Donough’s

1.Currently, we have more than 100 beers to offer from all over the world, including Ireland and some of the best European beers. As well Mc Donough’s organizes game and quiz nights, giving out valuable prizes.
2.You can enjoy authentic Irish music and ambiance but also everything that is related to rock music
3.Watch any sporting event on our TVs, no matter if they are playing the US or Europe.